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Websites can have many elements for a strong potential and image. Here are just a few important attributes to take on-board...

Web Development

Whether you want an your website updated or a new website we have a solution for you. Person, small or medium size business, we will look to bring a new lease of life to bring more potential and energy to your website.


Our Content Management System platforms that we use will bring end user management to you. The team at CodexInk will guide you through the basic ediorial process to help you find confidence in maintaining your website. But we will always be here for support.


Ecommerce is the future of shopping which is clearly today. Find us today to take your first step into direction you will want for your current or upcoming business. It simpler than you think and we will find a tailored answer for you.


Our Search Engine Optimization methods will take you through the initial phases of marketing. The building blocks of marketing will be incorporated on to your website. The question will be next, how tall do you want your building to be?

Mobile Development

Did you know people are increasingly viewing websites on mobile devices more than desktops. It actually surpassed desktop usage in 2014. The importance of this feature on websites is usually crucial to give optimal experience on a mobile device.

UX Design

Science and Psychology play a part in websites as human behavior is important in determining how a particular group will view a website. Using the right balance of colour, style and design we will find something to suit your target audience.

Our Team

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    Julian Joseph


    About Julian Joseph

    I founded Codexink back in 2011. I have gone on to work for several other companies where he has gained a vast amount of experience in Web Content, Digital Marketing, Web Development and Social Media Marketing. I am industrious, personable and a professional individual who holds a “can do” attitude and strives to do.

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    Subir Kumar Roy


    About Subir Kumar Roy

    I am the guy that you will speak to majority of the time although everyone will in the team have their parts to play. I am passionate about marketing and design but also I dive into some of the developing of websites on occasions. But overall when it comes to websites “Content is KING” for me as I see this as the main element. I pride myself on effectively communicating and managing each projects to push as much as possible out of it for you, the customer.

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    Ion Pantalon


    About Ion Pantalon

    Hi this is Ion. Ion is the grafter of the group like most developers. He works  tirelessly when required to do what is required to achieve an effective and efficient website each and every time. Bringing new vision to the team Ion plays a big part in getting the job done in the background. Currently his strong suit is in PHP, SQL and JS  but also has skills in Ruby On Rails

Designing 60%
Speaking 70%
Loading 67%
Testing 40%
Staring at Screens
Some more loading
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    Mary Nimish, COO, Business Ventures

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    John Abraham, CEO, Mac Inc

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    Jane Doe / Co-Founder,

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The secret to getting ahead is getting started...

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